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Drivers Of Growth And Competitiveness In Pakistan

The dispute involves the breach of a sales contract worth twice the size of the income per capita of the economy or $5000, whichever is greater. Student Academic/Professor Government Employee Media Organization Multilateral Organization NGO or Nonprofit Private Sector Firm World Bank Group Other How often do you visit the World Bank website? The government cannot provide services efficiently if it has to make high-interest payments on its past debts. Firms cannot operate efficiently when inflation rates are out of hand. weblink

Romer writes, while talking of a hypothetical situation of the Middle Ages, “A farmer who educated his children and workers at the leading educational institutions of the day would not have Massive resources are needed to improve and expand infrastructure but resources are limited due to limited fiscal space and huge gaps in public sector capacity to build and operate infrastructure. Competitiveness should essentially be linked to the welfare of the people. July 25, 2017 Train drivers’ strike THE countrywide strike by train drivers to put pressure on the government to accept their demands was called off... http://itc.umt.edu.pk/NewsDetail.aspx?ID=1

Workers who are ill cannot function to their potential and will be less productive. Connected to the culture is the idea of trust and social capital which has gained much prominence in the literature in the last couple of years. Robinson, “  Why Nations Fail”, (page 77)  Crown Business, New York  (2012) [11] Paul M.Romer, “ Economic growth and investment in children”, Daedalus, Vol.123,No.4,Health and Wealth (Fall,1994),The MIT Press [12] Francesco An efficient financial sector allocates the resources saved by a nation’s citizens, as well as those entering the economy from abroad, to their most productive uses.

  • Uniform application of WEF indices to all countries may incorrectly penalize some while benefitting others[23].
  • Welfare of the people was not necessarily a part of the debate.
  • Colonial origins have a deep imprint on development outcomes.
  • It eventually harms economic growth.
  • Trade is about comparative advantage, which means the advantage of producing one good against another in an economy.
  • Initially competitiveness was considered a zero-sum game, meaning that a country could improve its competitiveness at the expense of another country.
  • It does not measure quality of life--- But GDP is not wrong as such, but wrongly used.” The Doing Business report is just like a cholesterol test for the firms and

This can create an important competitive advantage, as it forces companies to be more innovative and customer-oriented and thus imposes the discipline necessary for efficiency to be achieved in the market.Seventh Traditionally, the markets available to firms have been constrained by national borders. Let us now examine Pakistan’s national competitiveness in terms the Doing Business Report of the World Bank. Pakistan’s position in terms of ten indicators (topics) of Doing Business vis-à-vis its comparators, is tabulated below.

Its biggest strength is, however, its young population. In the context of Pakistan, the issue of access to finance is significant from several angles. Uneven distribution of wealth and resources, tribal mode of thinking, nepotism, and greed of the elite and privileged has made the institutionalization of a nationwide concept of citizenship exceedingly difficult rather The main difference lies in the selection of variables and application of methodology.

Economic growth is a complex process that is driven by economic, political, historical, and socio-cultural factors. All Rights Reserved. However, these positive developments are linked to achieve greater incomes and employments in SMEs and informal sectors in Pakistan. DB 2015) Topics DB 2014 Rank DB 2015 Rank Change in Rank

Starting a Business 109 116 -7 Dealing with Construction Permits 121 125 -4 Getting Electricity 145 146 -1 Registering

Corruption impedes foreign and domestic investment. http://reports.weforum.org/global-competitiveness-report-2014-2015/methodology/ Pakistan has persistently scored low on GCI since a decade or so. Box 1: Defining National Competitiveness

The only meaningful concept of competiveness at the national level is national productivity (Porter, 1990) To produce goods and services that meet the test of foreign On the top of the list is the low priority given to the public education in Pakistan which is evident from the meager budget allocations.

If Pakistan fails to substantially enhance social spending in education and public healthcare, this bulge may turn out to be a disaster and may lead to further social polarization and upheavals. have a peek at these guys Institute of Trade & Competitiveness Press Releases Upcoming Events Photo Gallery FAQs Career Contact Us Menu Home About Us Vision and Mission Our Team Message from CEO Organogram Industry Segment AgricultureAutomobileChemicalsElectronicsLeatherPharmaceuticalService We provide a wide array of financial products and technical assistance, and we help countries share and apply innovative knowledge and solutions to the challenges they face. The report is optimistic about recent progress in fiscal consolidation, highlighting a 20 percent growth in the revenues of Federal Board of Revenue for the first eight months of FY16. “Fiscal

Cultural norms and values are also cited as a source of competitiveness or lack of it. Moreover, the impact of corruption is differential and discriminatory. While its attempt to analyse growth differently from economics is promising, its methodology and procedures fails to live up to this promise.”[22] Another concern with regard to the WEF index is check over here Hina Rabbani Khar while commenting on the CSF's report on "Drivers of Growth and Competitiveness in Pakistan – A Strategic Framework".

Twitter Facebook Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr Mail Print the author Previous Oil prices stay around 74 dollars in Asian trade Next Rs 100 billion from PSDP funds may be diverted to Notwithstanding the fascination of policy makers and the press with the idea of national competitiveness, professional economists tend to be skeptical about the very concept as well as its application. Figure 1: The Global Competitiveness Index framework  Note: See the appendix for the detailed structure of the GCI.  The weights attributed to each subindex in every stage of development are shown

Corruption also distorts technology choices.

Rise and fall of a country on these rankings sometimes evokes debates in political circles. The panel showed a number of concerns about the report. The World Bank releases the Doing Business Report every year always with a new title. Structural transformations in the economy also matter.

Table 2: Countries/economies at each stage of development Data sourcesTo measure these concepts, the GCI uses statistical data such as enrollment rates, government debt, budget deficit, and life expectancy. The critics of the idea of national competitiveness argue that when nations are treated as companies, then the underlying assumption is that they compete with similar products in the same markets. Author) Introduction National competitiveness has lately become an obsession with governments. http://commsolv.com/drivers-of/drivers-of-economic-growth-in-china.php All rights reserved website by wegaweb.com.pk BREAKING NEWS: Menu HomeTop NewsFront Top NewsPakistanBusiness & FinanceWorldFrom The PrintBR ResearchPress ReleaseReviewsPakistanBanking & FinanceBusiness & EconomyGeneral NewsIndustries & SectorsWorldAfricaEuropeMiddle EastNorth AmericaSouth AmericaSouth AsiaSouth

Competitiveness is composed of twelve pillars and each pillar has a different weight based on the stage of development of an economy (Table 1). Analysis of the rankings of Pakistan and its comparators against 10 indicators of Doing Business shows that Pakistan is the worst as regards to ‘Paying taxes’. With ... Similarly ‘paying taxes’ indicator measures total number of tax payments and contributions paid during a year, time consumed to comply with these tax payments, and tax rates.

Investment in the provision of health services is thus critical for clear economic, as well as moral, considerations.11In addition to health, this pillar takes into account the quantity and quality of From the perspective of competitiveness, it may not be useful for a rural Pakistani to know how to find out the location of Montenegro. Labour unions, international aid agencies and many developing countries are staunch critics of Doing Business. They have respectively been ranked at 18, 90 and 114.

W. Services are expected to grow over 5 percent in FY2016 while large-scale manufacturing, benefitting from low global commodity prices, is expected to grow between 4 and 4.5 percent. The validity of the literature which sprang up in the context of the ‘Asian Paradox’ i.e. The absence of sufficient skilled labour compels for market adjustments which involve acceptance of less efficient methods and lower quality.[39] Several factors are responsible for such a state of affairs.

Access to financing is now acknowledged as a pathway for economic inclusion and poverty reduction. To implement this concept, the pillars are organized into three subindexes, each critical to a particular stage of development.The basic requirements subindex groups those pillars most critical for countries in the This youth bulge is both a threat and opportunity for Pakistan.