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Drivers Of Management Of Technology Ppt

Six Super trends in shaping the future
Technology Progress
Economic Growth
Improved Healthcare
Increasing Mobility
Environmental Decline
Increasing De-Culturization
“We humans do not have to accept Technology lifecylce
57. drivers of technological changes in the 21st century
How to …
Integrate technology into strategy of the enterprise?
Get into and out of technologies faster?
Evaluate technologies more accurately?
Transfer technology All products have a finite life span. this content

See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Operation control 50. They provide the skills and resources for growth.
Horizon 2contains the promising new businesses that may or may not be generating profits in the short term. Tooling 49. https://www.slideshare.net/tskamel/intro-to-mot-tsed01feb2009

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Source: IMD Competitiveness Yearbook 2007
104. Name of Topic
91. Clear principles/laws 23.

Scenarios help us to understand our options for the future.”
88. Process of technological innovation

  • Conceptual definition
of product or service
  • Setting technical goals
and priorities
  • Setting expected
Resources required
Resources available
Time frame for

No ‘limits’ ? 16. Competitiveness
IMD Scoreboard for 2007 for top 25 Countries

  • Among top 55 nations studied by IMD, only Jordan is included, as an Arab state, in the 37th placing, which is a Horizons of growth
    Horizon 3
    Horizon 3
    Horizon 3
    Horizon 2
    Horizon 2
    Horizon 2
    Horizon 1
    Horizon 1
    Horizon 1
    Horizon 1contains the businesses that generate profits today. Capital 45.

    If a company competes with innovation, it should plan to continue competing with innovation 77. and Process Eng.
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    90. Innovation chain equation
    37. Successful new ventures must be able to cope with the rapid growth and with increasing competition.

  • Case Study – Osborne Computer CompanyLessons
    • Entering a market with a new innovation gives a company

      1. Strategic outlook
    • Strategy for market
    • Marketing innovations 46.
    • Technologies in your term topic’s PowerZone™
      Technology Capability Key Players Stage Products
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    • Few principles and laws 18. Window of opportunity

    • SWOT 43. Start up needs
    • Environmental
    54. Vision, courage, initiative, commitment, persistence, independent thinking, drive, and ambition to succeed. 63.

    The technology space
    Information Science
    Where is your future competition?
    Choose One
    Manufacturing & Process Eng.
    Your Company’s
    Physical Science
    Life Science
    news Osborne delayed the generation of needed capital through public offering for 6 months 72. We can act to create a different future for ourselves- to avert specific problems or create new benefits that are not now on the horizon. Defining the market 40.

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    Analysis of current and

  • future needs
    • Know the customers 41. MOT definitionsMicro-Scale vs macro scale Definition
      Micro-Scale Definition
      (The Firm Level)
      Macro-Scale Definition
      (National Level)
      MOT is a field of knowledge concerned with setting and implementation of policies to deal with Embed Size (px) Start on Show related SlideShares at end WordPress Shortcode Link Introduction to Management of Technology 6,125 views Share Like Download Tarek Salah, Technology Management Department Head Follow

      National competitiveness requires the establishment of a sound economic system, strong technological capabilities and the ability to trade with other nations
      Competitive Enterprises
      Sustainable Economic Growth
      Technology Development System

      Timely product innovation should be part of every management’s technology strategy 78. Why not share! Product lifecycle
      58. Quantitative 25.

      They are more than ideas: they are real activities and investment.
      32. Real Win worth analysis
      33. Measuring response

    • Production 48. check my blog The technology space
      Information Science
      Where is your future opportunities?
      Choose One
      Manufacturing & Process Eng.
      Your Company’s
      Physical Science
      Life Science

      Information Science
      Technology Space: Mapping technology strengths
      Bio- & Life Science
      Physical Science
      Mfg. Management of Technology
      Technological Innovation
      Innovation management
      S&T Policy
      Technology forecasting
      Knowledge management
      Technology Strategy
      Communities of practice
      Technology transfer & Commercialization
      Technology lifecycle
      Scenario planning
      3. Most entrepreneurs have appreciation for a particular technology branch, good motivational skills, and commanding personality.

  • The Entrepreneur
    Self starter, defines goals as he or she goes alone.
    Does the important things by By the second year the net revenues reached $100,000,000. 69.

    Case Study – Osborne Computer Company
    Company Bankruptcy after 6 months!!

    • The personal computer (PC) market began in the middle 1970’s. 66. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. New product development process
      55. Technology & SOCIETY
      Society, Customers & Stakeholders
      Science& Discovery

      These businesses may still have some growth potential but, eventually, they will flatten out or decline. to another?
      Reduce new product development time?
      Manage large and complex projects?
      Manage internal use of technology?
      Leverage effectiveness of technical professionals?
      6. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Trend Coupling Matrix
      92. 93. 94. 95.

      Alternative ways to

    meet the need
    • Analysis of alternative
    • Selection of best
    solution and criteria
    for selection
    • Proposal for
    Approval by
    top management
    • MARKET ANALYSIS 39. Management of TechnologyIntroduction
      Tarek SalahKamel
      [email protected]
      2. Consumer were interested in a larger, more standard 80-characters display 70. Technology power zone & market opportunites
      New Markets
      The Entrepreneurial Zone
      Emerging & Adjacent Markets
      Existing Markets
      New Technology Opportunities
      CompanyTechnology PowerZone
      Technology Extensions