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CompanyAsusCategoriesMotherboardsModelAsus P5L-MXDescriptionDrivers GraphicsOperating SystemsWindows Vista 32bits-64bitsVersion DriverV7.14.10.1147Size Driver17Mb File Nameinteldisplay714101147_vista.zipDate17/05/2007 14:57:00InformationIntel (R) Graphics Media Accelerator Driver V7.14.10.1147 for Windows 32bit/64bit Vista. (WHQL) CompanyAsusCategoriesMotherboardsModelAsus P5L-MXDescriptionDrivers AudioOperating SystemsWindows XP 64bitsSize Driver19.6Mb File Nameaudio_64xp_v510024160.zipDate17/05/2007 Brand and product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies. EZ FlashWith ASUS EZ Flash, you can update BIOS before entering operating system. All specifications are subject to change without notice.

Memory features Dual-Channel DDR2 667Dual-channel DDR technology doubles the bandwidth of your system memory and hence boost the system performance to out perform any memory existing solutions in the market. As for applying this package, the steps are quite simple since each producer intends to uncomplicate things for users: just download the package, run the setup, and follow the on-screen instructions. Interface Features Serial ATA 3Gb/s The motherboard supports the next-generation hard drives based on the Serial ATA (SATA) 3Gb/s storage specification, delivering enhanced scalability and doubling the bus bandwidth for high-speed CPU and Chipsets features LGA775 Intel® Core™2 ProcessorThis motherboard supports the latest Intel® Core™2 processors in LGA775 package.

P5l-mx Cpu Support

Categories Asus Driver Articles Uncategorized TagsASUS ASUS Eee PC Recent Posts Install KDE on an ASUS Eee PC Create a Rescue Mode for an Asus Eee PC Upgrade Memory in an SonicMaster TUF Asus Design Center ROG ASUSPRO Automotive Solutions ASUS HealthCare Who We Are Awards News About ASUS Investor Relations About CSR for global Press Room Need Help? Just simply restart the system, the BIOS would show the previous setting and then users can amend the CPU setting again. Drivers and utilites for Asus motherboards - choice of model.

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No more DOS-based flash utility and bootable diskette required. Browse Type Name OS Size Download AUDIO SoundMax AD1986A Audio Driver V5.10.02.4160 Windows 2003 x64 Windows XP (64-bit) 18.72 MB Download AUDIO SoundMax AD1986A Audio Driver V5.10.03.5010 Windows Vista (32-bit) Windows SoundMax ADI1986A Audio driver v6.10.01.6050 for Vista32/64 bit. (WHQL)SoundMax AD1986A Audio Driver V5.10.01.4160 for Windows 2000/XP/2003. (WHQL)SoundMax AD1986A Audio Driver V5.10.02.4160 for 64bit Windows XP. (WHQL)SoundMax AD1986A Audio Driver V5.10.02.4153 for Acer Inc. Specifications and features vary by model, and all images are illustrative.

File Size 3.82 MBytes update 2006/08/25 Download from Global Utilities (7) Version Beta Version 1043.2.15.37 Description ACPI driver for ATK 0110 virtual device version 1043.2.15.37 for Windows 2000 / XP (32bit Asus P5l-mx Manual CompanyAsusCategoriesMotherboardsModelAsus P5L-MXDescriptionDrivers IDEOperating SystemsWindows 2000-XP 32bits-2003 32 bits-XP 64bits-2003 64bitsSize Driver14.4Mb File Namechipset.rarDate17/05/2007 14:57:00InformationIntel (R) Chipset software Installation Utility V7.2.2.1006 for Windows 2000/XP/2003 & 64Bit XP/2003. (WHQL) CompanyAsusCategoriesMotherboardsModelAsus P5L-MXDescriptionDrivers LANOperating SystemsWindows Check local regulations for disposal of electronic products. Please check with your supplier for exact offers.

CompanyAsusCategoriesMotherboardsModelAsus P5L-MXDescriptionBIOSOperating SystemsAll OSVersion BIOS0301Size BIOS397Kb File Namep5lmx0301.rarDate17/05/2007 14:57:00InformationP5L-MX BIOS 0301 CompanyAsusCategoriesMotherboardsModelAsus P5L-MXDescriptionOthersOperating SystemsLinuxSize Driver8.3Mb File Namelinuxdrivers.zipDate17/05/2007 14:57:00 CompanyAsusCategoriesMotherboardsModelAsus P5L-MXDescriptionDrivers LANOperating SystemsMS-DOSSize Driver8Kb File Nameattansic_ndis2.zipDate17/05/2007 14:57:00InformationAttansic L1 NDIS2 LAN driver version Rog Gx800vh Updating the audio version can improve sound quality, resolve different compatibility issues, fix related errors spotted throughout the product’s usage, add support for new operating systems, and bring various other changes. CompanyAsusCategoriesMotherboardsModelAsus P5L-MXDescriptionBIOSOperating SystemsAll OSVersion BIOS0601Size BIOS397Kb File Name0601.rarDate17/05/2007 14:57:00InformationP5L-MX latest Beta BIOS v0601 CompanyAsusCategoriesMotherboardsModelAsus P5L-MXDescriptionBIOSOperating SystemsAll OSVersion BIOS0115Size BIOS407Kb File Namep5lmx0115.rarDate17/05/2007 14:57:00InformationP5L-MX first release BIOS V0115 CompanyAsusCategoriesMotherboardsModelAsus P5L-MXDescriptionBIOSOperating SystemsAll OSVersion BIOS0401Size File Size 396.98 KBytes update 2007/01/30 Download from Global Version Beta Version 0401 Description P5L-MX 04011.

Asus P5l-mx Manual

Realtek ALC883 Audio Driver V6.0.1.5335 for Windows Vista32/64Bit.Realtek ALC880/882/883 Audio Driver V5.10.0.5335 for Windows 2000/XP/2003 & 64Bit XP/2003.Realtek ALC883 Audio Driver V6.0.1.5335 for Windows Vista32/64Bit. CompanyAsusCategoriesMotherboardsModelAsus P5L-MXDescriptionDrivers AudioOperating SystemsWindows 2000-XP 32bits-2003 32 bits-Vista32bits-XP 64bits-2003 64bits-Vista 64bitsSize Driver44.6Mb File Nameaudio_adi_v5100x41xx_v610016050.zipDate17/05/2007 14:57:00InformationSoundMax AD1986A Audio Driver V5.10.01.4160 for Windows 2000/XP/2003. (WHQL) SoundMax AD1986A Audio Driver V5.10.02.4160 for 64bit Windows P5l-mx Cpu Support Just browse the drivers categories below and find the right driver to update ASUS P5L-MX Server Motherboard hardware. P5l-mx Drivers Windows 7 Learn more Tablets Tablets ZenPad Fonepad Transformer Pad Vivo Tab Nexus MeMO Pad Business Series Tablet Accessory Cases, Covers & Sleeves Adapters Headphones & Headsets Keyboards Docks Stylus ZenPad 3S 10

CompanyAsusCategoriesMotherboardsModelAsus P5L-MXDescriptionDrivers GraphicsOperating SystemsWindows XP 64bits-2003 64bitsSize Driver4.8Mb File Namevga_64bit.rarDate17/05/2007 14:57:00InformationIntel Corporation Graphics Adapter V6.14.10.4543 for Windows 64bit XP/2003 (WHQL) CompanyAsusCategoriesMotherboardsModelAsus P5L-MXDescriptionManualOperating SystemsManualLanguage ManualEnglishSize Manual3.7Mb File Namee2737_p5l-mx.pdfDate17/05/2007 14:57:00InformationP5L-MX userís Manual (English) DirectX 9 hardware acceleration, 400MHz core clock, and up to 224MB of video memory all together provide a full-value, high performance graphic solution to you. CompanyAsusCategoriesMotherboardsModelAsus P5L-MXDescriptionDrivers LANOperating SystemsWindows 2000-XP 32bits-2003 32 bits-Vista32bits-XP 64bits-2003 64bits-Vista 64bitsSize Driver5.2Mb File Namelan_rtl8187_wireless_etherneta_v5123005302006.zipDate17/05/2007 14:57:00InformationRealtek RTL8187 Wireless Ethernet Driver V5.1230.0530.2006 for Windows 2000/XP/2003 & 64bit XP/2003/Vista32/Vista64. (WHQL) CompanyAsusCategoriesMotherboardsModelAsus P5L-MXDescriptionDrivers LANOperating SystemsWindows Please refer specification pages for full details. Soundmax Adi1986a Audio Driver Windows 7

If you want to download and update ASUS P5L-MX Server Motherboard drivers easily, try the all in one driver update software ASUS Downloader, then you can download all drivers one time Users can reboot their system through the support CD when a bootable disk is not available, and go through the simple BIOS auto-recovery process. It is enhanced with an ACPI management function to provide efficient power management for advanced operating systems. Fix incorrect translation for Celsius and Fahrenheit under Japanese OS.

File Size 9.61 MBytes update 2006/11/17 Download from Global Version Beta Version V8.0.1.1002 Description Intel(R) Chipset software Installation Utility V8.0.1.1002 for Windows 2K/XP/2003 & 64Bit XP/2003.(WHQL) File Size 2.71 MBytes update Asus Computers All of these are done on one computer. High Definition Audio Enjoy high-end sound system on your PC!

File Size 1.79 MBytes update 2007/10/08 Download from Global Version Beta Version 1.7.3790.7&1.0.5600.11159 Description Attansic L1 driver v1.7.3790.7 for Windows 2K/XP/2003 and 64bit XP/2003.(WHQL)Attansic L1 driver v1.0.5600.11159 for Windows 32bit Vista

File Size 442.85 KBytes update 2007/07/04 Download from Global Version Beta Version 0901 Description P5L-MX BIOS v0901Support new CPUs. CompanyAsusCategoriesMotherboardsModelAsus P5L-MXDescriptionDrivers LANOperating SystemsWindows Vista 32bits-64bitsSize Driver825Kb File Nameattansic_l1_vista_v1437907.zipDate17/05/2007 14:57:00InformationAttansic L1 Driver and Utility v1.4.3790.7 for Windows Vista CompanyAsusCategoriesMotherboardsModelAsus P5L-MXDescriptionDrivers LANOperating SystemsWindows Vista 32bits-64bitsVersion DriverV1.0.5600.11159Size Driver4.8Mb File Namelan_attansic_driver_and_uty_v10560011159_vista.zipDate17/05/2007 14:57:00InformationAttansic L1 Driver File Size 4.31 MBytes update 2006/12/26 Download from Global Version Beta Version V1.04.03 Description ASUS PC Probe II V1.04.03 for Windows 2000/XP/2003 & 64bit XP/2003. Asus Black Friday Deals Bear in mind that, even though other operating systems might be compatible as well, it is not recommend that you apply any software on platforms other than the specified ones.

MyLogo2* Personalize your system with customizable boot logoYou can convert your favorite photo into a 256-color boot logo for a more colorful and vivid image on your screen. Get Help Fast Product Registration Customer Service Email Us Find service locations Hot Link Taichi VIP Service Knowledge Search Search Microsoft Support Support main page Microsoft Community Search Driver & Tools Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 provides a significant increase in graphics performance. CompanyAsusCategoriesMotherboardsModelAsus P5L-MXDescriptionBIOS UtilityOperating SystemsAll OSSize Utilities22Kb File Nameafudos221.zipDate17/05/2007 14:57:00InformationAFUDOS V2.21, AMI BIOS update tool.

Fixed ATA device display sequence incorrect when use PATA as native mode. ASUS motherboards now enable users to enjoy this protection feature without the need to pay for an optional ROM. This is in line with the ASUS vision of creating environment-friendly and recyclable products and packaging to safeguard consumers´ health while minimizing the impact on the environment. Want More?

ASUS EZ DIY C.P.R. (CPU Parameter Recall)When the system hangs due to overclocking failure, there is no need to open the case to clear CMOS data. For driver search, choose the model of your Motherboard and click one of the links that you can see below: To search drivers or utilities, select the motherboard model:For easy searching